2023 Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting ~ David Irick

Monday: The Necessity of Authority in Religion

Tuesday: Does God Approve of Denominationalism?

Wednesday:   Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?

Thurs: Is “Faith Only” A Wholesome Doctrine?

Friday: God’s Plan of Salvation

Saturday: Jesus & the Church

Bible Study: Never Give Up

AM Worship: Sincerity Is Not Enough

PM Worship: Emotionalism VS Knowledge

2023 Barn Meeting in Lansing, NC

Thurs: Nobody Can Be Saved By Faith Along - Robert Taylor

Friday: A Declaration of Independence - Robert Taylor

Saturday: No, Not One! - Tim Canup

2023 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Jeff Johnson

Bible Study: The Bible Never Changes

Morning Worship: The Duty of Parents

Afternoon Worship: The Sermon that Caused One to Tremble

Monday: The Nails of the Cross

Tuesday: Overcoming Life’s Adversities

Wednesday: Spiritual Maturity

Thursday: Through the Eyes of the Rich Man



2022 Old-Fashioned Tent Meeting w/ Robert Taylor & Mark Bass

AM Worship: What Doth Hinder Me - R. Taylor

PM Worship: Ananias, Faithful Messenger

Monday: The Conversion of the Jailor - Bass

Tuesday: The Soul that Sinneth - Bass

Wednesday: The Cities of Refuge

Thursday: Holy Spirit at Cornelius House - Part 1, Part 2

Friday: What Baptism Will and Will Not Do   Part 1; Part 2



2022 Barn Meeting in Lansing, NC

Thur: Where Are You? Part 1 Part 2 Bill Powers

Fri: “...With Christ” Part 1, Part 2 Tim Canup


Sat: Grace, Faith, Law, & Works: How Do They Relate? Part 1, Part 2 Tim Canup

2022 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Steve Canup

Bible Study: You Can Know that You Know - Part 1; Part 2

AM Worship: Saved Like The Thief

PM Worship: Open My Eyes that I Might See Heaven

Monday: What Noah Saw in the Ark - Part 1; Part 2

Tuesday: What A Blind Man Saw: Part 1; Part 2

Wednesday: Fervent in Prayer - Part 1; Part 2

Thursday: Good Religious People



Gospel Seminar with Eddy Craft ~ Theme: Do You Know Jesus?

Bible Study: The Great Miracle Worker - Part 1, Part 2

AM Worship: The One Who Administers Holy Spirit Baptism

PM Worship: The Great Judge

Monday: King of kings, Lord of lords

Tuesday: The Author of Eternal Salvation, Part 1, Part 2

Wednesday: The Friend To Sinners

Thursday: The Great Architect - Part 1, Part 2



2021 Lansing Barn Meeting

Thurs: God’s Dividing Line - Tim Canup

Fri: God’s Commands & Man’s Response - Bill Powers Part 1; Part 2

Sat: In Darkness or In Christ - Tim Canup  Part 1; Part 2

2021 Gospel Meeting ~ Dale Barger

Bible Study: Jesus, The Son of God

AM Worship: Jesus, the Savior of Mankind

PM Worship: Jesus, The Lord

Monday: Jesus, Our High Priest - Part 1, Part 2

Tues.: Jesus, King of Kings - Part 1, Part 2

Wed.: Jesus, The Humble Servant - Part 1, Part 2

Thurs.: Jesus, He Who Will Come Again



2020 Gospel Meeting in the Barn in Lansing ~ Daniel Koen

Wednesday: God Populates His Church

Thursday: How To Avoid Hell

Friday: The Church & Its Standard - Part 1, Part 2

Saturday: The Blood of Christ - Part 1, Part 2

Sun. Bible Study: Four Ways to Backslide - Part 1, Part 2

AM Worship: Who Is My Neighbor?

1:30 Worship: The Clock on the Door



2019 Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting ~ John Brown

Bible Study: Are You Faithful?

AM Worship: God’s Divine Dividing Line

PM Worship: Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ

Monday: What John 3:16 Teaches

Tues: The Punishment of Sin - did not record

Wednesday: Great Things of Pentecost

Thurs: What A Blind Man Saw, Part 1, Part 2

Fri: The Judgment of God - did not record


2019 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Jeff Cannon

Bible Study: Why Denominationalism is Wrong

Worship: The Way Out of Denominationalism

PM Worship: Accepting the Call of the Gospel

Monday: Is Baptism Necessary to Salvation

Tuesday: The Standard of Authority

Wednesday: What Many Accept As Authority in Religion

Thursday: Further Thoughts on Authority



2018 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing , NC)

Thurs: Authority of God - Bill Powers

Friday: Calling on the Name of the Lord - Tim Canup - Did Not Record

Sat: The Righteousness of God - Tim Canup

2018 Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Wesley Simons

Bible Study: Notes in the Margin of My Bible

Worship: The Conversion of the Eunuch

Evening Worship: Did Jesus Lie?

Monday: The Thief on the Cross

Tuesday: Where God Placed Water

Wednesday: The Conversion of Cornelius

Thursday: The One True Church

Friday: The One, True Church


2018 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Chuck Stewart

Bible Study: Open Your Bible

Morning Worship: And the Dead Obeyed

Afternoon Worship: Great Questions

Monday: Whose Prayer Does God Hear?

Tuesday: Separation by Water

Wednesday: Hard Decisions

Thursday: Misconceptions about the Church



2017 Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Mark Bass

Bible Study: Opening Iron Gates

AM Worship: The Bride of Christ

PM: The Holy Spirit at the House of Cornelius

Monday: What Is Hell Like?

Tuesday: Seven ‘Nots’ in the Devil’s Tale

Wednesday: Objections to Baptism

Thursday: Where Is Scriptural Authority?

Friday: From Here To Eternity


2017 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing, NC)

Friday Evening: Conversion of Saul - Bill Powers

Saturday Evening: Calling Upon the Name of the Lord - Tim Canup

2017 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ John Daniels

Bible Study: The Nature of the Church

AM Worship: The Blood of the Cross

PM Worship: Finish the Race with Joy

Monday: The Love God Hates

Tuesday: All Things New

Wednesday: Having Put on the New Man

Thursday: Know Your Enemy



2016 Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting ~ John Brown

Bible Study: Have A Good Day

AM Wor.: Things That Cannot Be Shaken

PM Worship: A Man After God’s Own Heart

Mon: If You Want To Be Saved...

Tue: The Conversion of the Jailor

Wed: 2 Ways To Heaven; 2 Ways To Hell

Thurs: Bible Baptism

Fri: Tomorrow


2016 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing, NC)

Fri Evening - The One Gospel - Bill Powers

Sat What Must I Do To Be Saved? - Canup

Sun: A Matter of Life & Death - T. Canup

2016 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Tracy Dugger

Bible Study: When Jesus Saw...

AM Worship: What Dead Men Know

PM Worship: The Home

Monday: Abraham’s Worship

Tuesday: The Perseverance of Joseph

Wed: Can You Recommend Your Religion?

Thursday: The Seed of the Kingdom



2015 Fall Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Jim Dearman

Sunday Bible Study: The Meaning of the Cross

AM Worship: The Motivation of the Cross

PM Worship: The Metamorphosis of the Cross

Monday: God’s Amazing Grace

Tuesday: Salvation & A Seat Belt

Wednesday: The Church Jesus Built

Thursday: Do Good Ol` Boys Go To Heaven?

Friday: Heaven


2015 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing, NC)

Friday - Where Is Salvation? - Tim Canup

Saturday - Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ - Part 1 - Part 2 -  Mark Miller

Sunday - The Greatest Bridge - Tim Canup



2015 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ David B. Smith

Bible Study: Better Bible Study

AM Worship: What Does A Saved Person Look Like?

PM Worship: Now that I’m Saved, What’s Next

Monday: Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ

Tuesday: Loving Lost Souls

Wednesday: The Challenge of Forgiveness

Thursday: Some Things Worth Fighting For



2014 Fall Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Ed Melott

Bible Study: Attitudes

AM Worship: Lamb of God

PM Worship: What To Do When...

Monday: Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Tuesday: Pattern of Salvation

Wednesday: God’s Building

Thursday: Cities of Refuge

Friday: What Must I Do To Be Saved?


2014 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing, NC)

Friday: Hear Ye Him - Bill Powers

Saturday Afternoon: God’s Requirements for Salvation - Tim Canup

Saturday: God’s Plan for Salvation - Mark Miller

Sunday: The Seven Ones - Tim Canup



2014 Spring Gospel Meeting ~ Jimmy Canup

Bible Study: Miracles

AM Worship: Why We Believe The Bible

PM Worship: God’s Will for His People

Monday: Five Lies About God

Tuesday: The Greatness of God

Wednesday: Sin Hinders God’s Blessings

Thursday: How To Believe and Be Lost



2013 Fall Gospel Meeting ~ Jonnie Hutchison

Bible Study: Influence

AM Worship: What Is Faith?

PM Worship: Thinking of Heaven

Monday: How To Repent

Tuesday: Baptism

Wednesday: Behold!  I Come Quickly

Thursday: If I Am Lost...



2013 Summer Tent Meeting (Lansing, NC)

Friday: Authority - Bill Powers

Saturday Afternoon: In Darkness or In Christ - Tim Canup

Saturday Evening: God’s Plan For Salvation - Mark Miller

Sunday: Baptized INTO What? - T. Canup



2013 Spring Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Steve Canup

Bible Study: It’s Not About Me

AM Worship: Yard Sale Religion

PM Worship: Did not Record

Monday: Unity of the Church

Tuesday: Nails of the Cross

Wednesday: Agony of the Cross

Thur: What Foundation Are You Building On?

Friday: What Will You Do With Jesus?


2012 Spring Gospel Tent Meeting ~ Melvin Sapp

Bible Study: Creating A Love for the Truth

AM Worship: The Old Jerusalem Gospel

PM Worship: Avoiding Ditches

Monday: Restoring New Testament Christianity

Tuesday: Common Salvation

Wednesday: Miracles

Thursday: Hand-Me-Down Religion

Friday: Come Out & Be Ye Separate


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