2019 Sermons

1\6 “For Where Your Treasure Is...”

1\6 (PM) Have You Slaughtered Your Oxen?

1\13 Christ: Our Passover

1\20 “It Is An Abomination!”

1\20 (PM) Question & Answer

1\27 Common Sense Religion

2\3 “Lord, Tell Us Plainly”

2\3 (PM) Saul, A King Filled with Jealousy

2\10 Who Then Can Be Saved?

2\10 (PM) The Parable of the Tares

2\17 The New Testament Will

2\17 (PM) How To Stand Fast in the Lord

2\24 l Know that My Redeemer Liveth!

3\3 If I Were the Devil...

3\10 What Doth Hinder Me to be Baptized?

3\10 (PM) Go, Stand, Speak

3\17 A Day in the Life of Jesus

3\17 (PM) Stephen: A Man Full of Faith

3\24 Paul’s “Word of Exhortation”

3\24 (PM) God Hates...

3\31 Elijah, A Man of God

4\7 Christianity: A Three-Fold Change

4\7 (PM) Joses: Son of Consolation

4\14 WATCH!

4\14 (PM) Balaam: The Prophet with Two Masters

4\28 Doors of Opportunity

5\12 A Mother’s Wage

5\19 The “Nots” of the Gospel

5\26 The Love of God

6\9 The Identity of the Church

6\9 (PM) Our Joy in the Lord

6\16 The Three “R’s” of Christianity

6\16 (PM) Lessons from Two Liars

6\23 What Makes A Church Great?

6\23 (PM) Changing Clothes

7\7 Looking Unto Jesus

7\7 (PM) The Just Shall Live by Faith

7\21 (PM) Trust in the Lord

7\28 Jesus Christ: Our Advocate & Propitiation

8\4 Take Heed

8\11 The Crown of Life

8\11 (PM) Be Thou An Example

8\18 “Lord, Are The Few Who Are Saved?”

8\25 The Death of Jesus

9\1 The Hands of Jesus

9\1 (PM) Sampson, the Strong Judge

9\8 “...With Christ”

9\15 The Savior’s Invitation

9\22 The Truth about the Bible

9\29 Cutting the Scroll

10\13 In Christ, We Have...

10\13 (PM) “One Things” Stressed in the New Testament

10\27 Buy the Truth and Sell the Truth

11\3 Grace, Faith, Works & Law: How Do They Relate?

11\3 (PM) A Thorn in the Flesh


2018 Sermons

1\7 The Healing of the Paralytic Man

1\7 (PM) Fundamental Aspects of Christianity

1\14 What If...”

1\14 (PM) The Temptation of Jesus

1\21 The Glorious Bride of Christ

1\21 (PM) Paul: The Chief of Missionaries

1\28 The Life of God

2\4 Jesus, Our Lifeboat

2\4 (PM) Overview of the Sermon on the Mount

2\11 What God Hath Joined Together - Part 1

2\11 What God Hath Joined Together - Part 2

2\18 Our Refuge

2\18 (PM) “Without Ceasing”

2\25 God: The Rock of Our Salvation

3\4 “Strange Fire”

3\4 (PM) Thou Hast Known & Searched Me

3\11 Unity in Christ

3\11 (PM) The Burden Against Nineveh

3\18 God’s Special People

3\18 (PM) Is Any Sick Among You?

3\25 What is “So Great” about Salvation

4\1 “In the Beginning...”

4\1 (PM) The Pentateuch

4\22 Neglecting Salvation

4\22 (PM) What is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

4\29 Blessings In Christ

5\6 The Work & Mission of the Church

5\6 (PM) Bread of Heave: Lessons from Manna

5\13 The Role of Women

5\13 (PM) A Sermon about Nothing

5\20 Calling on the Name of the Lord

5\20 (PM) “The Grace of God Teaches Us...”

5\27 The God of All Comfort

6\10 The Resurrection of Jesus

6\10 (PM) The Truth about Judging

6\17 Shipwrecked Faith

6\17 (PM) That Man of God from Judah

7\1 Serving God

7\1 (PM) Improper Love

7\8 Some Things We Ought To Do

7\8 (PM) A Man Named Job

7\22 The Greatest Bridge

7\22 (PM) The Parable of the Soils

7\29 The Two Ways of Life

8\5 Blind, Begging, But Blessed

8\5 (PM) Small Things

8\12 Square Pegs in Round Holes

8\12 (PM) Bring Me A Sword

8\19 How Does the Bible Authorize?

8\19 (PM) Is There Unrighteousness with God?

9\9 The Raising of Lazarus

9\9 (PM) The Words of the Wise - Part 2

9\16 “And the Word Became Flesh”

9\16 (PM) Proper Meditation

10\14 The Nails of the Cross

10\14 (PM) “Thou Shalt Be Called Cephas”

10\21 Behold the Man!

10\28 The Prophecy of the Church

10\28 (PM) Characteristics of God

11\4 Hope For America

11\4 (AM) Comfort & Hope in Suffering

11\11 Why Be A Christian?

11\11 (PM) The Commission of a Prophet

11\18 Neither to the Right Nor to the Left

11\18 (PM) A Song of Thanksgiving

11\25 I Am the Good Shepherd

12\2 (PM) What is the Gift of the Holy Spirit?

12\16 The New Song

12\16 (PM) Joseph

12\30 “I AM the Light of the World”

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